Rejuvenate your Team with a Camping Retreat

Perhaps you wondering why a camping retreat, and not any other team building strategy. This is because you will get the most individually and as a team if you choose camping. Here are reasons why:


Every member of the team has the individual responsibility of reflecting upon the importance of the team building exercise. This won’t happen if you choose for your team a noisy place with all sorts of distractions. In order to make the entire process productive, it is important to allow team members time and space for individual meditation. This allows each member to construct an individual perception which is important for brainstorming.


There is always pressure associated with staying in the same place for too long. This is why people like to take vacations to exotic locations. Some organizations make the mistake of holding team building sessions in work stations. Escaping to a distant venue helps to release the tension associated with the workplace. For instance, if you stepped on a workmates’ toe or had an altercation you will find it easy to clear things if you are away from your workplace. Camping provides the best option especially if you are surrounded with nature rather than skyscrapers and technology.


When it comes to enjoying nature nothing beats the real thing. You might find artificial camping sites at the center of your city but my advice is to go for a retreat in a real camping venue. Natural camping sites will give your team numerous team building opportunities. You can even come up with tailor made tasks relevant to your team without worrying about space, or becoming a nuisance to other people.


If you want to get the best of a team building excercise, then you have to incorporate tasks that strengthen both body and mind. The essence of team building is to allow participants to appreciate the role played by individuals in a team. A camping retreat gives you the opportunity of strengthening your team physically. In the process, you will realize what unique gifts individual members have which can be used to strengthen the team. For instance, a leader will always prefer group success as opposed to individual fame when playing a football match. Camping retreat allow you to strengthen your team, both body and mind, using a variety of methods.


All you need to go camping is a good camping gear if you already have a venue in mind. Although professional firms might provide an expert, the cost might be restrictive to some teams. The best alternative is a camping retreat.